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ITALIANS AT THE AFM/Interest for Family Film

True Colors Glorious Film announced at the AFM that it will be handling the international sales of the new film by Paolo Genovesi, “Super Eroi”, produced by Lotus and distributed by Medusa, starring Jasmine Trinca and Alessandro Borghi, which will be ready in the second half of 2020.
The film was immediately sold to Russia and the Baltic states (Provzglyad) and to Taiwan (Swallow Wings).
Another new entry to the line-up revealed in Los Angeles is “Red Academy”, a horror film in English starring Rocco Siffredi filmed entirely in his academy for aspiring porno stars in Budapest.
This will be the third work by Alessio Liguori, whose first movie, “In the Trap” was widely sold by True Colors at Cannes and in Los Angeles where it was purchased by Krisco Films for the MENA territories (Middle East and North Africa).

This is a sign of the rediscovered Italian ability to produce genre films with international appeal.
The same can be said for the “The Nest”,which passed through Locarno to Sitges and was sold to Big Movie in Russia, PFLUG in Japan, Kino Swiat in Poland and Moviecloud in Taiwan (France has also shown a lot of interest). “The most beautiful day in the world”,directed by Alessandro Siani (Editor’s note: a popular comedy director) was also presented at the AFM and then sold to Smart Media for Germany. “It is perceived as a genre film: the family we miss but that works very well here” says Catia Rossi, head of sales at True Colors.

Summerside International also confirms the popularity of family movies. Among the most prominent titles at the AFM was the family trilogy produced by Nordisk and Asa Films: the last “Father of four and the Vikings” is currently in production and will be ready in February.
With regard to the previous two titles, an agreement has recently been concluded with Benelux (Just Entertainment) and negotiations are currently in progress with Asia.
Summerside has also sold the animated feature movie “Renkli”, a kind of “Nemo” for a preschool target audience, to 6A Media in Bulgaria which has also bought the comedy “Love Therapy” by Claudio Cicconetti.

The renewed interest for the genre is also confirmed by other low budget Italian independent titles like “Graffiti -The story of a tagging crew”,directed and produced by Alfoso Cioce with his Media Free Lance and filmed in Liguria around Varazze and Savona.
Released in 2015 in 12 movie theaters, mainly in the north west (and now available on Amazon Prime), it also traveled to other countries, “but only with targeted screenings organized by the Italian community and by associations linked to street art” explains Cioce, that was until the meeting with Summerhill Films, the US distributor which has just released it in the USA on DVD and various platforms.

With regard to platforms, after the three-day cinema release-event with Fandango, since November 1 “The man without gravity” by Marco Bonfanti is available on Netflix in nearly every country in the world.
The market premiere of the movie took place at the American Film Market after the Rome Film Fest where it was the pre-opening movie.
And “negotiations are in progress with China, Japan and Russia”, reveals Raffaella Di Giulio, the company’s head of international sales.